Tuesday, October 28, 2008

OK this was in my yard on Sunday October 26th. I was sure I would have to move away, but it is my understanding that bugs get this big no matter where you live. OK I live in Southern New Jersey where we have 5" long Bugzillas. I am sure that when I saw this little gem of a praying Mantis and it turned it's head to look at me it was thinking.... I can take her...

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Sherry Sarafini - What does a beader say about someone who you respect so much? Recently Katie B and I were lucky enough to take a class from this astounding woman. She was eloquent, talented and a real cool Rock and Roll chick. I got to see first hand her techniques and gleam new ideas from her. Being an artist is no small feat, but being an artist and writer and celebrated woman in the art world is nothing short of artistic in itself. Her pieces that were on display through out the class took my breath away and would have been worth a visit to any museum or art showcase to see. To actually get to handle them and see how wearable they are was a privilege.
We took this class three weeks ago then by chance, we went to the bathroom at beadfest in Pennsylvania and who was there? Sherry! She got to see Katie B's pin and be so enthusiastic about it's gorgeousness. She said it was profoundly elegant and she was happy to have had us in her class... of course anyone who knows Katie B and myself in real life knows what fun we can be, and by fun I do mean ball busters, and by ball busters I do mean.... all in good spirits.

That said the Sea blues turquoise necklace is mine from the class. The beautiful purple and golden heart is Katie B's creation. I hope you enjoy them, as we are proud to have learned new techniques to absorb into our own artistic ventures.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Pug Bunzzzz

too cute to be Nawty

So I did the weekly shopping Sunday morning. I unpacked everything and decided to sit in my living room and watch TV before I cook my usual Sunday brunch for the people I love. Just as I realized the poodle was sitting with me and the Pug was not he came walking into the living room like a pug going to a funeral. He looked depressed and dare I say it? QUITE guilty.... would not even look me in the eye. He pulled his very tired self sslllooowwwllly onto the couch, One foot at a time pulling himself like an ancient mountain goat with no will to climb. That is when I realized he looked a tad tubby...
Hark I said as I stood up and walked quickly in the direction Pookie came from...yes the kitchen.... the 6 count them 6 BIG BURGER ROLLS were torn asunder and crumbs were scattered all over as well as plastic wrapper. Pookie did not even come with me... He stayed on the couch like an over stuffed sausage, I am sure he was thinking he did not want another roll for at least a few days... I mean he is a Pug.

After I picked up the mess and Kissie ate a few crumbs I went back to the living room sat there staring at my BLOATED pug wondering when he was going to go BOOM and crap it all out. It was after an hour or so Pookie came it and was staring at me when I glanced at him and he did his grrrrrrrrrrrroowl you can't have my toy noise at me.
What does the stinker have???
A roll!! one he had hidden for later , when he knew there would be Armageddon and he would have to have food saved to survive....

I knew he did not really want it because I only had to chase him around the living room once......

stinker nawty stinker...

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Gather around and let me tell you a story of the New Jersey Deep Dark woods....
As many of you recall I live on the edge of the deep dark woods. The deep dark woods are full of nefarious creatures of all shapes and sizes, just waiting to leap, spring, jaunt, gallop, plunder, run, out and attack without notice. I often use extreme caution whilst I walk my Pug and Poodle noodle at the very edge of the Deep Dark Woods. Some of you may recall the unfortunate assault from the killer cocker spaniel.
OK it was not a killer and the attack consisted of it running out of the deep dark woods thus scaring the crap out of me, and wanting to play with Pookie.

Anyway.... It was a dark and windy night. (last night don't you know) I was out walking my Pug and Poodle and I saw a brown leaf rolling across my drive way. Pookie Pug being who he is wanted to go see what it was and by see I do mean swallow without hesitation. I decided not to let him close, that was when I noticed it....

Mothra, escaped from the deep dark woods. Came to my house to settle on my drive way. Being the curious odd person I am I ran inside the house. Grabbed my Camera, a 6" ruler, ran back out side, bent over the wing flappin Mothra, dropped the ruler next to it so all could see the obviously Prehistoric Mothamous Maximus I discovered in NJ by the Deep Dark Woods. I focused and FLASH, then I looked, cursed as it had it's wings folded up, lean closer still and FLASH, rolled the picture back and the dirty rotten Mothra decided it had enough flashes took flight, scared the snot out of me, as moths the size of my head have a tendency to do, I trip land flat on my ass. Roll backwards leap to my feet taking evasive action in moves that would have made Indiana Jones proud and zig zagged at a mad, much younger then myself moves back to the safety of my house......

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Philadelphia Door

One of the Philly Doors. The carved stone entries are phenominal. I need to go back and take better pictures.

Philadelphia for a few Hours

So I went to Philly with my best friend as she works there and needed to do some overtime. I decided to go with her. I have only ever been to Broad Street in Philly to walk around before. It is a trendy, young, wild street and has eclectic things to see. Although it is a fun place to walk up and down, today, we were going to Center City. This is quite a distance from Broad Street.

We boarded a Train in Absecon, NJ, Where we live. It was a fast and comfortable ride that takes us to Philly Penn Station. The trains are well worn and a bit on the grungy side, but, not bad and it gives me that wonderful chance to ease drop on some strange conversations. Side note... A woman wearing a tee shirt that's says 50% Single... Gets a lot of attention apparently. So she informed her train riding companion. You know I believe it.

We arrive to Penn station and hop a smaller train so we can get to Center City. It was quick. Kate armed me with a map and some simple directions. I checked into he building for a much needed potty break. Anyone who works with Kate and reads this don't worry, I only took some chocolate from your cubicles. he he he

She went to work and I headed out. I walked quite a distance to the Trader Joe's Market and made some purchases of items we don't have at the Jersey Shore. No Trader Joe's in Atlantic City... Darn it. Up and down the aisles and I got to meet a Standard Poodle that is a Service Dog to a handicapped Woman. Dog was sweet woman ...well not so sweet. She did not mind my meeting her dog at all, but, she seemed hostile toward everyone else around her. Very rude and demanding. I don't think being in an electric wheel chair automatically gives you mean rights.

My own opinion of course. I made my purchases and move on. I decided to go to Barnes and Noble Book store by Rittenhouse Square. I walked along a wonderful Quaint and OLD Chestnut Street or 22nd street not sure which at this point. The doorways to some of the historic houses just blew my mind with their ornate caved stone entries and wide think doors. I did take a few pictures and would post them if I knew how yet. I saw where the Mutter's Museum is and want to go back there terribly!! Go Google it right now. FUN STUFF. I did not go in because I want to see it with Van and Kate. I hit Barnes and Noble and bought a few books. I am a Book freak. Thank Goodness I bought a cloth shopping bag at Trader Joe's.

I did see quite a few homeless and strange individuals, but, it is a city and they are everywhere. One was sleeping right on a sidewalk with filthy bare feet and a jacket over his head. I will not soon forget that. There was also a man singing really loud on a corner, and not well either, and the man who apparently wanted to bitch slap everyone everywhere in the world I don't know I kind of believed him...Mental Illness is a sad thing and sorry if I offend you... also kind of funny in an odd city sort of way.

There was a protest at City Hall, I did not get close enough to find out what it was because it was loud and they were all wearing black and every time a car honked they would all yell. Some had masks on and they all held signs that said "Fair Game is not Fair". I walk by without ever knowing what they were going off on.... They had a Purple flag waving over a Pirate flag... Very strange indeed. Anyway that about covers my adventure for one day. OH except I met two fantastic Pugs Higgens and Pugsley.... I went back to Kate's office and we packed up our goods and trained it back to Absecon where I took two Advil for my sore feet and hips and sat on my tired butt for the evening. :)

Saturday, May 3, 2008

my first attempt

Greetings one and all. I don't know who will see this frankly as you get to know me you will see I don't care. haha I am a happy Pug Mom and live down the shore in NJ. I have a strange but happy family. No I do not have any children. Personally I think children are for people who are unable to keep pets.

I will post some of my art work as I learn how. Including photographs, bead work, paintings, collages and whatever else grabs my attention on any given day. I am learning as I go along and I hope to get some of my rants, raves, and wanderings in here as well. So welcome, grab a cup of tea and lets converse.