Saturday, August 14, 2010

My Garden

I am a terrible blogger. Once every 6-7 months I pop on throw some of my photos up and expect people to think WOW look she is writing again... Go ahead I will wait.....
OH sorry, dang not even one. OK these are two pictures from my garden. I am an amateur photog hog and find every now and then I catch a picture that really is kind of groovy. The hummingbirds in my back yard are just special little freaks of feathers and nature. I sometimes wonder what goes through their little brains as the buzz my yard from the glads to the feeder and any flowers looking item that catches their tiny little eyes. Including I might add my house mate's vintage Hawaiian shirt... While she was wearing it. I am sure all they saw was the big flowers. so any who these are a 2 pictures from my garden and I hope you enjoy them. I do.