Sunday, August 31, 2008

Sherry Sarafini - What does a beader say about someone who you respect so much? Recently Katie B and I were lucky enough to take a class from this astounding woman. She was eloquent, talented and a real cool Rock and Roll chick. I got to see first hand her techniques and gleam new ideas from her. Being an artist is no small feat, but being an artist and writer and celebrated woman in the art world is nothing short of artistic in itself. Her pieces that were on display through out the class took my breath away and would have been worth a visit to any museum or art showcase to see. To actually get to handle them and see how wearable they are was a privilege.
We took this class three weeks ago then by chance, we went to the bathroom at beadfest in Pennsylvania and who was there? Sherry! She got to see Katie B's pin and be so enthusiastic about it's gorgeousness. She said it was profoundly elegant and she was happy to have had us in her class... of course anyone who knows Katie B and myself in real life knows what fun we can be, and by fun I do mean ball busters, and by ball busters I do mean.... all in good spirits.

That said the Sea blues turquoise necklace is mine from the class. The beautiful purple and golden heart is Katie B's creation. I hope you enjoy them, as we are proud to have learned new techniques to absorb into our own artistic ventures.