Saturday, April 25, 2009

Kate Ball and I went to the Atlantic City Race Course yesterday. It was sunny and gorgeous outside. The wind began to get colder and colder as the day went, but it was a good time! For two ladies...yes I am talking about Kate and I... jeez... Any way.. two ladies that have been spoiled by Keeneland, Santa Anita, Hollywood Park and Monmouth, the ACRC was a little bit lower class, but it was clean and there were many spectators, the admission was really reasonable...FREE!!! It is a 6 race card that was all run on the turf track. I am sad that this once beautiful track has lost much of it's luster due to severe neglect over time and funding, but they did their best to make it an exciting day at the races. The Picture was taken by Kate Ball, she is an amateur photographer with a professional's eye.

Friday, April 10, 2009

a Good Book

Katie heard about a book I think from a radio show. Heart Shaped Box by Joe Hill.
She checked it out of the library and had it sitting where I could find it. She told me the guy on the radio said it was a very scary book, one of the scariest he had read, so naturally I said 'YOU are going to read it?' She proceeded to tell me book do not scare her. So I asked if she minded my reading the book...

OK I read the first chapter and decided I would not read it in bed...for some reason just creeped me out, so I read it on my lunch break or in the evenings. It was a VERY good book! I told Katie she had to read it!

Fast forward a week or so later..... I am outside walking the dogs for their last poop break of the day. I come into the house and I hear this voice from Katie's Bedroom...

I walked back pushed open her bedroom door looking at her on her bed and the book tossed out to the middle of the floor away from the bed. okok I admit it, I about pissed myself giggling. Now I am spending a lot of energy trying to get her to finish it. Really is a good book.... promise... if you like creepy Ghost stories.....