Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Magic has touched my life. I am remembering the magic of music that poured from the radio speakers in my first car… the magic 8-track tape player that made us all smile and bounce along in our cars as we cruised the boulevard trying to look hip and cool.

Then the amazing cassette player. A mini 8 track tape player that you could record straight from your record albums using the nifty microphone on it’s little tripod stand.

Turning up the stereo to get the optimum sounds. These magic plastic containers of the Magical music that carried us near and far.. eject! Flip! For the second side!

More magic … I was riding in a friend’s car and said I could hardly wait for the flip side…He smiled and said he had auto reverse! WHAT??? It automatically plays the other side of a cassette??? I was astounded. WHAT NEXT????

And a few short years later…. The CD. This would never catch on surely… but…here we are a few years later and we have 6 cd changers in our cars…

As I sit on my lunch break reading a good book with 2 tiny earphones attached to a half dollar sized IPOD shuffle….


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